Appear In Video Chat

Appear.In  Video Chat

Google Hangouts is great. Potential uses of hangouts are endless. But sometimes I need a way to connect to someone who is NOT logged in to Google or does not have a Google account, or in our recent situation in Oconee, a new web filter temporarily blocked Hangouts video portion from working properly. is a great tool to have in your arsenal. will allow video conversations with up to 8 people for free and there is no log in required — no installs. Just connect, name a room, and talk. 

If you want to claim a room you do need to sign up for the free account. My room is shown below. I have the ability to LOCK my door to my room and anyone that wishes to join must KNOCK first. I can see them on camera and decide to let them in or not. Screens can be shared between all users. And if someone needs to leave, I can kick them out with the Ninja icon....  :) . 

You can use on your phone, and join a conversation from anywhere. Download the apps for Android or iOS. There is also a Chrome extension for use in the chrome browsers.

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