Building Mouse Skills

Ms. Jennifer Whitaker, Assistant Principal at Oconee Primary, recently asked for resources to pass along to K teachers to use with the children the first week of school to begin building mouse skills. There are several sites I think are wonderful to use with young students to build those motor skills needed to work the mouse. So many may be use to playing with mom and dad's smart phones/devices that they  have not yet mastered the mouse movement but they understand the concept of tap and move or slide. That skill just needs to be transferred to the physical object that has some sort of string tied to the computer-- imagine that. For the kids who says "I can't just slide it over?" as he touches the screen, try these sites to help build that hand eye coordination:

Bees and Honey

Color Match with annoying sound:

Game Board w/ counting

Fireworks with the Mouse

Adaptive Ed Mouse Skills Site

Mouse Skills with Connect the Dots (Counting)

There are tons of these type activities out there on the web. This is a just a few I had bookmarked and readily available when Ms. Whitaker asked. If you have a favorite site, please share it! 

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