Publish to Web Directly From Google Drive!

Publish to the Web with Google Drive

Google Drive users can easily convert docs, sheets and slides to publish web pages, and even get embed code! Here's how it works:
    1. Inside the Google Doc that you wish to publish, go to File>Publish to the Web from the Google Docs menu.
    2. File>Publish to the Web
    3. Then click "start publishing." Leave the box checked to automatically publish any changes you make to the Google Doc--no need to republish every time you make changes! There will also be a pop-up confirmation window to make sure you want to publish to the web.
    4. Publish to the Web- After you have confirmed publishing, you will be given a unique URL to the published web page, and embed code.
    5. Get a Link to the Published Document
    6. Presto...A clean and simple web page that updates automatically when you update the Google Doc.

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