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If you need a tool to better facilitate mastery of a standard or content area, you could spend hours online searching for just the right tool. Do you need a comic strip project? There are about 10 that I can think off the top of my head. How about a slide show tool for your pictures?  I know of at least 15 that are free and on the web. But even if you find one, you have to read about it, use the help tools, look at examples, etc. to see if it is what you need. That's where the "hours" come in before you realize it. So, click on over to the Cools Tools for Schools Wiki and use their menu to select an area on the left side and then a table will load with links, name, and explanations in simple terms. If you like a tool, click on the picture icon and it will take you to the tools main web page; very simple and all in one place....Web 2.0 tools can be your friends. :) They really DO make learning FUN and can help with mastery in new and unique ways. Try one Today!
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