Remind 101 is a free site created to enable teachers to send messages to students and parents via text messaging without having to give out their personal cell phone numbers. The site is an easy to use, one-way communication tool.

Possible uses:
  • Send class reminders to students about projects or assignments. 
  • Remind parents about early release days, special events, or changes in a schedule.
  • Send parents notifications when important information is being sent home with their children.
Remind 101 Details:
  • Personal phone numbers are kept personal.
  • Teachers may create as many Remind 101 classes (groups) as needed. 
  • Messages may be sent to multiple classes. 
  • Recipients may not respond. OK, maybe that is not a feature. That is the way it works. :-)
  • Recipients may join via text or email. They never have to actually visit the Remind 101 site. 
  • Messages may be scheduled to be sent at a later time.
  • Messages are sent via the Internet or one of the Remind101 phone apps. 
  • Messages are limited to 140 characters. 
  • Teachers will not see the phone numbers of the people who register. Teachers only see the names with which the users reply.( Remember, this is not for two way communication.) 
  • Text messages identify the teacher sending the message. (There will be no confusion about which teacher sent the message if multiple teachers are using Remind 101.)


Create a Remind 101 account:
 Visit the Remind101 website or download the app for your device to create
  your free account.
 Click Create account. The only information students will see is your title and your last name.
 Once you have entered the account creation information, you are taken to the add a class page.

Add a class or classes:
You are able to create multiple classes. You can have one class for parents and classes for each of your student groups or classes.  For each class you create a code along with a number to which to text that code will be created. An email address for recipients who wish to receive notifications via email will also be created. Give the information to each person you wish to invite to that class. There is a file that Remind 101 will email you containing the information. The file is also located in the Remind 101 site next to the classes name.

Have recipients sign up:
When recipients text the code to the number given, they instantly receive a text message reply. The text will say, "Thanks! (your title and last name) needs to know who you are before adding you to @your class code. Please reply with your full name." Once the recipient replies, he will receive another message that says, "Thanks (their name)! As a member of @ your class code, you will receive all (your title and last name's) Remind 101 notifications."  If you as the teacher wish to remove someone from receiving the messages, you may do so by logging in to the Remind 101 site and hovering over that recipient's name.

Send messages:
  •  Log into the site (or use the app)
  •  Choose the class/classes you wish to send a message
  •  Type in the message you want to send.
  •  Click send or schedule it for later. 

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