Friday is a free tool that allows teachers to send messages to students and parents via text messaging without giving out their personal cell phone numbers. Unlike Remind 101, the messaging service I posted information about here, provides the option of two-way communication. This feature allows parents and students to reply to the messages. The teacher, through cell settings, may decide whether everyone sees replies or not.

Possible uses:
  • Send class reminders to students about projects or assignments. 
  • Remind parents about early release days, special events, or changes in a schedule.
  • Send parents notifications when important information is being sent home with their children.
  • Mass message club or activity groups. 
  • Create study group cells or project group cells for students to have moderated (curated) or unmoderated communication without any student exchanging cell phone numbers. (This is only recommended for students who have unlimited texting or will use the email or web version of 
  • Create polls
Features include the ability to:
  • Keep personal phone numbers personal.
  • Create as many Cells (groups) as needed. 
  • Send messages to multiple Cells (groups). 
  • Have recipients respond to messages. (Responses may either be curated or allowed for the group to view.)
  • Join via text or email. They never have to actually visit the site. 
  • Schedule a message to be sent at a later time.
  • Curate (moderate) messages so that everyone only sees approved messages. 
  • Send messages via the Internet, text messaging, or an android app. An  iOS app is in the works. 
  • Have students send notes or reminders to themselves by texting @me and the note.
  • Import and distribute messages from Twitter.
  • Direct message individuals in the cell. This is for the cell admin (teacher) and not the students. 
  • Search the text of messages sent. (web feature) 
  • Add hash tags to make it easier to search for messages. 
  • Connect multiple cell groups together to form a multi-cell network

Create a account by visiting  .

Visit the for schools guide

Visit the for coaches and teams guide

Lists of sms commands

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