eSchool News: Twenty Educational Resources

A recent article in eSchool News listed twenty educational resources for new teachers. However, many of these are sites ANY teacher should know. Here a few highlights. For the full article, visit it here.

1. Teachers Pay Teachers: This site offers free resources along with paid content–in fact, sellers are required to offer free materials alongside their fee-based materials. “There are tons of free materials,” Holden said.
2. Really Good Stuff: This includes educational materials as well as supplies like furniture, filing cabinets, and sticky notes.
4. Google: A simple Google search is great, Holden said, because educators can search through all the various categories–images, videos, books, and apps. A Google image search can lead searchers directly to resources and are often linked to Pinterest accounts. “The great thing about the [Google] ‘videos’ search is that ALL of the videos are free,” Holden said. Copying the embed code for a video lets educators paste the video into their websites, blogs, or LMS.
5. Share My Lesson: Free lesson plans for teachers, organized by grade, subject, and standard. The site also offers professional learning resources.
6. Scholastic: Offers resources, tools, teaching strategies, and student activities.
8. Laura Candler Educational Resources: The creator is an educator who offers her own resources on the site, but also curates other content for use.
12. SMART Exchange: Offers searchable and editable SMART Board activities created by teachers.
13. Read Write Think: Not only does the site have activities for educators to use with students, but the site also offers professional development topics
14. National Geographic: This site offers lots of videos, which often come with companion documents such as writing prompts.
16. Education.com: Searchable site organized by resource and age/grade.
17. We Are Teachers: This site offers lessons and materials, tips for grant writing, a blog list, and popular education topics.
18. Kids.gov: A federal site for free educational resources.


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