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IDroo: An online virtual whiteboard

About IDroo

IDroo is an online real-time whiteboard for Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS and Android. Connect with your Google Account and share the link with anyone to watch you demo a math problem, label a diagram, etc. If they join, the too can edit the same document/board with you. 

  • Smooth freehand strokes - just like pencil in notebook or chalk on blackboard
  • Endless canvas for your drawings, learning lessons, brainstorms, you name it...
  • It's all vector, you can edit, move, scale and rotate what you created
  • Insert Images, PDF, Word or other documents to the board
  • Share your live session with anyone in the world
  • Virtually unlimited number of participants

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Touch. Draw. Share.

A Web Whiteboard that is touch-friendly that lets you use your computer, tablet or smartphone to easily draw sketches, collaborate with others and share them with the world.

Works on all modern browsers, no installation needed.

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