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Yesterday afternoon I was running a few minutes behind getting my son to one of his afternoon activities. On the way we arrived on the scene of a serious accident moments after it happened; Five cars, serious injuries, and debris everywhere. After a small prayer thanking him for his temper tantrum that made us late, I began to wonder how to get around the accident.  My thoughts and prayers turned to survival and hopes that the people in the red car were OK. The car was so mangled I could not even tell the make. Accidents like this happen. They happen everyday. In my rush to get to our appointment I soon started wishing I had known that there was an accident and I could have taken a different road. Many of us have different alerts set up to let us know this but most people don't. When we finally arrived at our appointment there was an off-duty fireman there with his son and we talked about the accident. He suggested to several of us that we sign up a service that sends out alerts for our local area.  It covers all types of alerts.  Anything that is sent out by the local law enforcement office is broadcast by Nixle in a number of ways, i.e. text messages, emails. It is VERY easy to use and sign up. I signed up for it right away, activated my account and immediately got a message back from the service. I chose email and text messages as my choice of delivery. It can even be used as an iPhone app. I could also see the alerts on the web site and see that sure enough an alert had been sent out about the accident and that the road was closed.  Next time I can take a different road and be there on time. Thanks to the "fireman-dad" for the tip and I hope you find this service useful. Sign-up today at so that you can be an informed citizen. Storms roll in on a moments notice. An intruder could be in your neighborhood or near your place of work. Awareness can be priceless.

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