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One video camera + one group of students + sillyness= NEVER getting a video project done. Not priceless and not practical for a time strapped classroom project. The next time you run a video project in your classroom make sure to use story boards (1) for the film before they start and then write/type out the video script. Then use a free tool like Easy Prompter to help students remember their lines. All you have to do is type or copy and paste in the text and hit play. You can even change the font, speed, and highlight important areas.  Set up a computer screen in front of the student on camera and the student can read the prompt like the may be surprised how this one step will save you time in the end. All the sillyness, forgetting lines, having to start over, etc. can really cost a project valuable time. Let a free tool help you eliminate at least one of those variables. As for the are on your own! Enjoy!

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