Going Google!

This is a special note to all our Oconee County Schools Viewers. When you return in the Fall, you're GOING GOOGLE! OCS will switch over to Google Apps in the Fall for mail, docs, calendars, video, chat, and much more. Our GroupWise Email will go away and we will only use Google Mail in the district. We are very excited about this change because it means that the door to collaboration, electronic portfolios, and video distribution is about to swing WIDE OPEN. Students will be given email accounts for the first time and be able to communicate correctly in Moodle with a protected email address and begin to collaborate with teachers and peers via Sites and Docs. Imagine students being able to produce multimedia projects online with students from other schools. Imagine students creating a website for thier project instead of another poster that you have no real use for. Imagine being able to collaborate with other teachers without having to go to yet another face-to-face meeting....Can you see why we are so excited?

If you would like to learn more about Google Apps, Angela McDurmon has created a fantastic page that answers questions and has literature about the program as well as links to video files that explain what you are in store for. If you can log in to Atomic Learning, they also have great videos on Google Apps and Angela has those linked on the Moodle page as well....Great Job Angela!

Our Very Own Moodle Page on Google Apps:

Elementary OCS teachers may sign up for a special training session in July for Google Apps. This session will be geared toward the use of the system with elementary students as they will different settings than older students. If interested, sign up today at the link below.

Sign Up for Our Google Training: 

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