Bitmoji Yourself for Leap Day!

For Leap Day 2016, here's a post for pure fun and joy. It's time to BITMOJI yourself! 
Today this post is for my friend and colleague, Deana DeVine. Deana has a calendar reminder every Thursday to check for the newest additions to the bitmoji library. Well, I am not sure if she actually does, but how else do I get my weekly message about "NEW ONES!"? 

About six months ago Bitstrips introduced Bitmoji. Bitstrips used $11 million in funding to launch the personality-laced avatars and their use has exploded. Many people know Bitstrips for their easy to use comic strip creation tool. Since the creation of Bitmoji avatars, each week we are graced with MANY bitmoji messages among our team. I have to honestly say they are very funny and spot-on most of the time.  I ran across an article by Rebecca Greenfield  this weekend titled  "Why Your Bitmoji Looks So Much Like Your Actual Face" If you have not seen this tool or been on the receiving end of avatar humor, join the fun! Check it out and make your bitmoji today. There is a Chrome extension and it is available for both android and iOS devices. 

If you create your avatar or if you already have one, PLEASE send it to us and spread the joy! Since I am posting this without her prior knowledge (surprise Deana!) I will post a few more of me below that are funny and some that are just strange....the Sia wig tends to garner a laugh from her every time so my posting it to the world might make up for this post! Creating your avatar today will bring you four more years of fun when responding to texts and emails. Enjoy y'all!
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