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Do you like Diigo? What about Pinterest? Then you should check out edshelf. The mission of edshelf is to make a positive impact in the world by helping educators and learners get the right tools into the right hands at the right time. edshelf is a socially curated discovery engine of websites, mobile apps, desktop programs, and electronic products for teaching and learning.
Edshelf regularly sends out helpful links and sites that teacher tested and approved. Today, the list is full of math sites that are great to know.

  • CodeHS - The best way to start a fun and engaging programming course — even without a background in programming. Sign up for free to start teaching your class with CodeHS!
  • Todo Math - Play over 600 math activities to learn counting, number operations, and other fundamentals.
  • MathChat - Take a photo of a math problem. then get help and explanations from other students.
  • Creative Math - Shelf Curated by home-school math teacher Allan Yanson.

If you want to know more about EdShelf, check them out here. It is run by Mike Lee and he pledges to never charge or base results on payment from merchants. Check out the backstory of the site on the ABOUT page. 


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