What role can technology play in differentiated instruction?

Technology plays to the various learning styles of our students. For example:

Auditory/musical learners can benefit from books on tape (cd), listen to or create podcasts, and listen to or create music just to name a few ideas.

Linguistic, interpersonal and intrapersonal learners can benefit from writing blogs, newsletters, and wikis for authentic audiences.

Logical/mathematical learners can demonstrate the steps to solving a math equation using screen casting software (often free), then upload it to a wiki site for other students to use as a review.

Visual/spatial learners can use photography, create videos, vodcasts, online posters, and create art from a number of interactive art sites.

Kinesthetic learners can manipulate objects/text on interactive whiteboards, create 3-D models using free software ,iPad or even Legos, play educational video games, or even be the "behind the scenes" camera person or director in a video.

Naturalists can learn about animals from the websites of the many large city zoos around the world, use telescopes, digital microscopes for a more hands-on learning, or even cameras to photograph nature and upload to a website.

Additional Resources:

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