Guest Blogger Erin Bowen: Google Cardboard

How can you go on an amazing field trip without leaving your desk?

With Google Cardboard, of course!

Virtual field trips are a great tool to bring the world to your classroom. Literally anywhere in the world you can access a virtual interactive experience. Google has launched a new app called Google Cardboard that brings the world to life. They have managed to put cardboard together to create the ultimate viewing experience. For 6 dollars, I purchased a card viewer from Amazon then downloaded the Google Cardboard app on my phone to start my virtual experience. The possibilities are endless when using this tool in the classroom. You can take a tour of animals in any habitat, visit places around the world like the Eiffel Tower, you can even take a virtual tour of the human body!  Check out this short video to showcase the pure awesomeness of Google Cardboard. If you are not able to use the cardboard viewers, 360 videos can still be interactive with ipads. Check out a few of the websites that I found to be the most helpful in joining the virtual world.

Helpful websites:
https://www.youtube.com/360 (make sure the video states #360)

Google Cardboard video
Google Cardboard for directions and further information on google
Youtube directions for viewing #360 video

Newly Addicted to Google Cardboard,

Erin Bowen
Erin Bowen is a Kindergarten Teacher at High Shoals Elementary in Oconee County. Erin was asked to blog about a topic that stood out to her during her recent attendance at the GaETC conference in Atlanta, GA. Great Job Erin!

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