Send a Google Drive File & Force Them To Make a Copy!

If you have a file in Drive that you want to share with someone and you don't need them to alter your original there is a simple way to do it. Now, remember if you don't share it with them they won't be able to view updates and changes you make. If you want to force users to make their own copy, just change one word in the link.

Here's how it works:
      1. Grab the link of the doc, sheet, slide or drawing--the one you see when you are editing. (Hint: this link has the word "edit" at the end.)
      2. Then simply replace the word EDIT with the word COPY! The user will then be prompted to make a copy of the file. Once they click the "Make a Copy," button, it will make a copy of the file and add it to their Google Drive.
      3. Remember, your sharing settings will still apply so users/students will still have to have viewing rights to the file in order for this work.
      4. Use the word "Preview" in place of edit to see a preview of the file. So there are three keywords that can go here:
        1. edit = editable file
        2. preview = view only
        3. copy = prompt to make a copy of the file

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