Watchkin & Viewpure - a safer way to watch YouTube videos

Do any of you ever cringe at the thought of what "related" videos or comments may pop up on the side of a YouTube video when you want to show it in class? (Well, if you don't, you probably should!) There are several sites that will help alleviate your fears and take away all the related content so you can just watch the video you want to show. Safeshare.TV will allow you to
paste in a video URL and then generate a "safe" link which will take you to a view of the video with no related content, but a couple of drawbacks are that you can't go full-screen in SafeShare mode, and you can't search for videos on the site. Two sites that will allow full-screen as well as a "safe" search, however, are View Pure and Watchkin. Both sites are super easy to use (all you have to do is paste the video URL in the box), and you can also search for kid-friendly video results right within the window! Viewpure offers the ability to control your search a bit more by selecting how strict you want the search results to be, how you want to sort the results, and how many results per page. Another feature of both of these sites is that you can add a bookmarklet to your bookmarks bar (either a "watchkinize" or "purify" button) so the next time you access a YouTube video you can quickly go to a "safe" view by clicking on the button in your toolbar.  Both are great tools to have in your back pocket the next time you want to show a video in class! Take a look at them both, then pick a favorite! 

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