Apple Device Advice: Use Guided Access

If you allow children or students to use one of your Apple devices, I strongly recommend that you take the time to learn about a setting called Guided Access. It allows you to prevent younger users from accessing anything other than the app you want them to access. It also allows you to disable certain parts of apps that you may not want them to use.

 Learn this one little trick and you will no longer have to worry, as much, about the things a child could accidentally do while using your device.   Go ahead! Give them your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Just remember to turn on guided access FIRST!

Note: The device must have iOS 6 to enable this feature.

This is a video I created detailing the process.

Written Directions: 

The directions I created for enabling guided access may be found here.

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Joel Frey said...

Thanks for the walkthrough, Angela. We are about to launch an iPad cart at each school, so all ideas are welcomed!

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