Two Tools to Create Graphic Organizers Online


Creation instructions:
Open the site. Delete or replace the text on the right. Use the tab and shift+tab to indent text. Click the Draw Mind Map button(may require scrolling down in order to view the button). Presto! A beautiful Mind Map will appear. Click the options tab located at the bottom of the text field to alter the colors.

Saving and sharing:
Scroll down to view the download, share, and save options.
Download options include downloading as a PDF or a PNG(image file).
Share options include Facebook and Twitter sharing.
Save options include a publicly viewable (non editable) link back to the mind map and a separate link to the editable mind map. To save you must provide an email address.

Possible Limitation:
This tool does not have a lot of shape/symbol choices.

Diagrams Online|Draw io

Creating from scratch:
Choose a symbol shape from the box on the left and drag it to the work area.
For more symbol shapes, click the down arrow beside the word General and open other folders to view and select the symbols.
Double click the symbol to add text.
Use the tools and menu options to customize the appearance of your diagram.

Creating from a template:
Click File, Click New, Select From Template.
Double click the symbols to edit the text.
Use the tools and menu options to customize the appearance of your diagram.

Saving and sharing:
Use the file menu to save, share, or embed the file.

Save As and Export allow you to save work as an xml file.
 XML files may be uploaded into draw io for further editing.
 (File>Open>Choose file)
Export includes options for saving the files as images or Pdf files.
Embed codes are available for embedding the diagram on a website or blog.

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