Five Card Flickr

Millions of pictures are posted on Flickr. Five Card Flickr takes those pictures and puts a creative spin on a web album. Now, while this site may be blocked for students to access, teachers can still use and plan a lesson around this terrific concept. Just like in five card draw in poker, this site allows you to pick five photographs at random just as you would from a deck of cards. Once the cards, or photos, are selected you have to write a  story about it or a story starter line.  You are allowed to save your photo and then share it with others. You can upload your own photos to Flickr and then use those photos to create a story line for students.
These story starters can be used to produce a longer creative writing sample and can provide the main idea. There are so many directions this can take that they are endless and could create a number of creative scenarios. Depending on the type of pictures selected, students could produce expository writing, narrative writing, etc.
If you find limited access to the Flickr site, use the SMART notebook software camera tool to capture the five images together and paste to the top of notebook file or document. If you don't access to SMART tools, just use CRTL and Print Screen to capture, then open Word and CRTL V to paste it in.

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