Angry Birds, how I hate you...

EVERYONE who is connected via a smart phone or Apple device knows what you mean when you say "Angry Birds".  I even saw t-shirts with expletives a few days back at a local department store. Oh, Angry Birds, I hate you but I love you. But I digress....the purpose of this post is to inform you that this addictive game that we all love,or hate, was created by someone using a FREE GAME SITE CREATION TOOL called Game Salad. Really? Seriously. A free tool made a game that made millions for the person that owned it and now it is free for the world.....if you know how to get it. So this is a challenge to all that read this blog.....Go make a game and sell it on iTunes and if it makes you a million then 50% of it is mine because I told you do it. Don't make me prove it in court...Now, I have some birds to flick and kill and the first one is RED.

URL: http://gamesalad.com

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