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Google's web browser, Chrome, is a fantastic new addition to anyone's web experience. If you are new to Chrome, START HERE. If you like comic books or graphic novels, you can always use the Google Chrome Comic to help you get started. A lot of people have asked me the last few days (weeks) to explain what this CHROME THING really is....and I heard something that really summed it up...I am not sure where this came from or if I actually made it up....but think about this...We all go to work in a vehicle of some type, i.e. car, truck, bus, bike. We all get to our workplace but we all take different transportation types. The internet is like that as well. Internet Explorer would be your basic Honda or Toyota or Ford sedan. You pull into your parking space and are content that you made it to work. Suddenly, your peer pulls into their parking space in a brand new,  shinny red Cadillac Escalade. THAT would be Google Chrome. It is a new way to get to the same place but the experience is different along the way. It's just a web browser-- but on steroids. Now the fun part of this is for kids is the web store. Google has a web store where applications- or APPS- can be downloaded into your new tab sort of like bookmarks or favorites. Some are free and some you pay for. I encourage you to explore the web store and see what you can find. Open Chrome and then browse by category and find items like Word2, Aviary, Math Board, Fishdom, Practice Math. In the Education category alone there are 371 Popular apps listed. Be careful, you could spend hours here before you know it! You have been warned....but do ENJOY!

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