Tech Discounts

Everyone needs a discount every now and then....especially teachers trying to stay on top of technology. If you are planning to shop at any of these locations (in person or online) don't forget to apply your well deserved discount just for being a teacher...enjoy!

Apple Store

Apple is surprisingly generous to teachers, offering 5-percent off all in-store purchases with proof of employments as an educator. This includes librarians, home schoolers and university profs.


The Bose offer is primo, particularly for those in need of sonic stimulation. Variable discounts are available on all music systems and accessories. Call the Customer Focused Development Team at 1-800-353-4027 for pricing and to place an order.


Buy direct from the Dell online store and get 2- to 4-percent off the final price of any desktop or laptop, as well as software a peripherals. Call Customer Service at 1-800-999-3355 before paying to apply the discount.

 Cell Phone Companies (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint)

This discount is a tad tricky to redeem but can save loads on a personal cell phone bill, sometimes up to 20 percent a month. Visit your provider's business or discount portal and input your .edu e-mail address to check if your institution is registered. Example: Search "Verizon business discount" in a search engine and click on the first result to register or check an existing discount.


Shop direct from the Adobe Education Store and receive 25- to 75-percent off all software, including bundles and suites. Adobe requires proof of employment as an educator before applying the discount. Scan your school ID and e-mail it to Adobe for a promo code to enter every time you pay. The offer isn't good for home schoolers.


Register through the Academic Purchase Program and take up to 10-percent off nearly any purchase, including computers, printers and ink.


Teachers earn 5-percent off any purchase from the computer connoisseurs at Lenovo simply for being, well, themselves. Call Customer Service at 1-866-968-4465 to apply the discount.


Sony keeps a well-trained cornea on teachers through its aptly-named Eye on Education Program. Discounts on projectors and flat-panel displays vary when you register and buy through the program portal, but most lie in the 5- to 10- percent off range.

Software Express

The online outlet Software Express grants discounts of up to 75 percent on a host of programs, including Adobe, McAfee and Symantec. Submit copies of your valid school ID and state driver's license to Customer Service before completing your order.

 Academic Superstore

Academic Superstore is another online software outlet that sells a slew of products for up to 85-percent off. Discounts are available year-round with proof of employment as a teacher.


Gradware is the final in a gang of three software repositories and -- surprise, surprise -- its offer is similar to its brethren. Send Customer Service a copy of your valid school ID to be eligible for a variety of discounts.

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