Formative Assessment with Clickers and Mobi

Ms. Shari Travers, science teacher at OCMS, is dedicated to using technology integration strategies that will increase her students’ achievement.  She gets excited about her content and works to engage her students in meaningful ways.  Technology is an integral part of the learning process in her classroom.

I had an opportunity last week to see Ms. Travers in action.  The focus of the lesson was to assess her students’ knowledge regarding the parts of a flower and each function.  She displayed on her SMART board a digital image of a flower with each of the parts labeled.  After Ms. Travers stated a definition, the students used their clickers to select the corresponding part of the flower.  The clicker Charting feature provided data to the students for monitoring their own understanding of the concepts.  Ms. Travers used the individualized reports on the Mobi KWIK screen to differentiate instruction to meet her learners’ needs.  Probing questions, peer instruction, and resubmitting clicker answers were strategies that she used to assist her learners.  It was exciting to see her use of the formative data to increase student understanding!

Mrs. Travers

Mrs. Travers

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