Google more effectively

Here are a few basics that are good to know when you are conducting a basic Google search.

1. Use quotation marks around compound words,  phrases, and names. "vice president", "Benjamin Franklin",  "Gone with the Wind"

2. Use the minus sign to eliminate certain search results. If you search for salsa but do not want the dance and only want the recipe type salsa -dance in the search field.

3.The root form of a word causes it to search for all forms of the word. Typing run is the same as typing run, runs, and running.

4. Typing a plus in front of a word will cause the results to be restricted to only that form of the word. +run

5. Use a tilde to search for synonyms. ~large rivers will return results like giant rivers, major rivers, longest rivers, great rivers, big rivers

6. Use a wild card (*) to omit words in the search.  four score and * years agothe falcons beat the * in overtime

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