Auto-Advance SMART Notebook Pages

Have you ever wanted SMART notebook to auto-advance a page? This "power-point-like" feature has not been a part of the typical features of SMART. There is no button on the toolbar or arrow to insert that will automatically do this for you. the gallery there is a tool that MANY people have used for a long time that will help with the desire to auto-advance. If you search for the timer and insert it on your page you have the abilty to change the options by clicking on the small arrows ( << ) on the side. When the settings open you can decide the options you want, like when the timer ends go to the next page or the first page. If you place a timer on every page you could auto-advance every page. But who wants a huge timer on every page, right? Well, no problem. Use layering to order the time and place it behind something out of site once it is set.  Problem solved. ...but the one draw back to this feature is that the timer does not automatically reset itself. You have to set the time every time and if you loop the last page back to the first page, nothing happens the second go round. You would have to either open the file again or go back to every page and reset the timers and well, that would be a pain. Maybe in the next version of SMART (coming very soon) this will be one of the new features that will make us all want to upgrade ASAP.

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