Elf Yourself!

It is finally back online: Elf Yourself! Upload a picture of yourself (or your students) and then with a couple of steps you can see yourself as an elf and dance around to a little song. Office Max uses JibJab to construct the animation and while it is a fun tool, it can have a lot of educational benefits. You can sign up for an account on JibJab and have access to several free features but if you want the golden package and all the bells and'll cost ya. If you're cheap like me then just use the free stuff. Be sure to check out the embed code on the bottom of the share screen....copy and paste that into an HTML box on your web page and add your little dance for all the world to see....and as always, please review the site for the latest creations in the gallery before you send your students to the site. Trust your own creations first...... ENJOY!
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