OCPS: Digital Cameras

Last Spring Mrs. Anne Luckey approached Brian Felker, Instructional Technology Specialist, about helping her teach her First Grade students how to use a digital camera for the upcoming school art show. Mrs. Luckey and Mr. Felker planned a lesson for the students to learn how to use and care for the camera. The students studied living and non-living things as a first grade Georgia Performance Standard and were given the task of taking photographs of a living and a non-living thing on the school playground. Students were divided into five groups and paired with an adult to venture out onto the playground. The students captured amazing photographs of Spring flowers as well as plain rocks and puddles on the sidewalks. As part of the project students were asked to explain their photographs as well as write about what they captured. Soon after the project was complete the results were shared with other teachers in the school and several other projects were planned as a result. Additionally, teachers at other schools heard about the project and the concept began to spread.

Our "Hats-Off" to Mrs. Luckey for the courage to prepare a technological approach to excite students about the content, writing, and the learning of technology skills. We hope that she plans the project again as well as many, many more!

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