Tricks and Secrets

Most who know me and know my work say that I have a knack for making things have a wow factor or artistic flare to them instead of just plain and boring. I am a creative person and I like to show that. Don't hate if you lost your creative bone or never found it....just appreciate the talents of those who do...LOL- Just kidding folks. Alot of my "tricks" just come from repeated trial and error and a sense of never letting anything beat me. I MUST FIGURE IT OUT. That's my motto on most days....however, I will share this. A friend asked me how I create some of the graphics on Moodle and other items such as handouts. Well, I mostly use PowerPoint and SMART notebook. Yep, that's it. I like to do things that others can recreate without expensive or complicated software. So, I create great graphics with cools fonts and icons in PPT and group them together and then save the whole thing as an image file. PPT is the ONLY MS Office product that lets you save something as an image. SMART cameras are cool to help for those times when you need to capture something from an image or off the net when it won't "let" you- no comment... One of my trusted sites that I use to pull icons from is . My favorite picture site is Pics4Learning at and my fonts come from FontFace at THERE! Three of my secrets. Are you happy? :)    ( - but you know I have plenty more!)

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