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I like to use animations sometimes to get attention on a PPT or a Notebook file. I use them w ith caution and try not to stray too far into the "eye candy" zone, which I tend to strongly caution people on....so, why then am I sending you to a site that helps do exactly that??? I don't know....blame it on the pollen count of 3000+, my yellow car,  house, and my swollen eyes. Better yet, it may be the sinus headache that all my meds just can't seem to touch. If you are trying to stay inside during this Yellow Haze and need something to do, head on over to Animation Library and navigate past all the ads and banners and search for a few animations that can jazz up your next presentation  but not distract viewers...too much eye candy -in a presentation- is not a good thing.

 URL: http://www.animationlibrary.com/

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