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I constantly hear teachers complain about the trouble of using from You Tube at school. Of course, it is blocked in the school so anything we use has to be downloaded at home and brought to school for, how do you do that? Tony Vincent's presentation Awe Your Audience had so much information in it today (that I just can't blog it here at the check out the site linked above) but the big thing that stood out to me was KICK YOU TUBE. Wow.  All you have to do is find your video and then type in KICK in front of the words youtube in the address and hit enter. It takes you to the site and they use the rest of the URL to pull the video. You select your file type at the top and then on the right side you select Download. That's it. TOO EASY.  Enjoy!

This is Angela - I typed this in the comments and realized people might not read it that way.

This is actually something that I told teachers about at the Oconee Tech Fair in the iGoogle presentation. Several teachers in Oconee have been downloading videos at home and then bringing them to school on flash drives this way. Although the kick YouTube toolbar will appear from within Oconee, you cannot download the videos while in Oconee.

At home,when you enter kick in front of the word YouTube a toolbar appears and allows you to choose a video format. The video format we have been choosing is FLV. After you select FLV, look to the right side of the toolbar until you see the word Go. Click Go and the Go turns to the word download. Once you see download, right click on the word and choose Save target as. This will allow you to save the video.

At school, you will need to play the FLV video file you downloaded with the KM player. The KM player will more than likely need to be told to play this file.

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