Blabberize is a cool tool that allows you upload a picture and use a microphone to animate the mouth of the picture. Students- or teachers- can record thier voice over any photograph or clipart image and then share it with others. Students could use it to voice over a biorgraphy report of a famous person. They could use it to voice over an animal or use it in a language class to express themselves in another language. Why not take a hamster and animate him talking in a funny voice telling a story about what his "person" does at home (...think BOLT if you have seen that movie).  To see the site in action, click on the link below and play the main camel blabber. If you browse you can find different examples that are meaningful to those of us in education. Today I found one on Cortezmodern english via Garfield,  and one on hot topic to some in our district, using cell phones in class, of course via the Cheshire Cat....Enjoy.

URL: http://blabberize.com

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