Yosemite National Park Established

Today in Hitory: Yosemite National Park Established, September 25, 1890

yosemiteNational Parks are important to the environment as places where plant and animal wildlife are protected. 80% of the forests that existed at the beginning of our nation's history have disappeared. Yosemite wasn't the first national park, but it helped forge the idea of setting aside land for preservation. It is located in California in the Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Teaching Ideas: Create an A to Z book, PPT, Notebook File about Land Presevation, National Parks. Create a timeline of Park History. Create a flip book about the habitats of Yosemite as compared to GA habitats. Collect photos of Yosemite and create a Photostory, complete with Narration. Write in a journal about why it is important to have a national park. Use Inpsiration and brainstorm other national parks and their locations, see how many your students can name.

What else can you think of? Post a reply and let's here for other teachers ways to incorporate this idea into the classroom.

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