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A few days ago in a class I was surprised to have a teacher point out to me that I use "too many shortcuts". I wasn't sure how to take that at first and I asked her to elaborate. Her point was that I use alot of keyboard shortcuts that sometimes leaves the user in question as to what exactly I did to "make something happen".  I take for granted sometimes that I do that and please do point that out to me if you ever are in class with me and I assume too much! I thought you may enjoy a few keyboard shortcuts so I have pasted a list below that I found on the Microsoft website. Most of these are for WORD, but most work in all Microsoft Applications. ENJOY and Keep me on my toes!


Select text

Shift + Right Arrow, Left Arrow, Up Arrow, or Down Arrow to highlight text

Copy selected text

Ctrl + C

Cut selected text

Ctrl + X

Paste selected text

Ctrl + V

Undo your last action

Ctrl + Z

Select all the text within your document

Ctrl + A

Bold text

Ctrl + B

Italicize text

Ctrl + I


Ctrl + U

Decrease font size

Ctrl + Shift + <

Increase font size

Ctrl + Shift + >

Change font

Ctrl + Shift + F, then use the arrow keys to reach the new font

Change font size

Ctrl + Shift + P, then use the arrow keys to reach the new font size

Create page break

Ctrl + Enter

Create new document

Ctrl + N

Open My Documents window

Ctrl + O

Close a document

Ctrl + W

Save a document

Ctrl + S

Print a document

Ctrl + P

Preview what you're about to print

Alt + Ctrl + I

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