Free Play Music

Today I had an opportunity to work with Susan Winstead and the 5th grade PACE class at OCES  on a Research Paper and creating a graph in Word and Excel. On the way out of the door Susan asked me about another project she is planning for with 3rd grade and asked about a free music site for instrumental music that can be easily downloaded and imported into a program for their Expressions project. I thought about FREE PLAY MUSIC right away. This site is designed to allow the user to select a mood, tempo, instrument, etc. to find the 'perfect' sound for any user. Once you select a area from the windows on the main page, you are taken to a page that allows you to both preview the music and to download the music. If you are looking for music just to add the background or play on the first slide of a Power Point, this may be the site for you. ENJOY!


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