Some of the best free sites sometimes from the BBC or other groups in UK. Well, here we again. I stumbled upon a site today called CrickWeb.UK. It is very cool. You can use the ABC order game for patterns and alphabetical order practice. Alien Hangman to spell site words, learn about collective nouns and compound words or use post-it notes or sticky letters to spell words and chunk out big words.  The site even has a story sequence game. There are over 25 literacy games on this site that all be matched to our learning standards for K-3 and even some higher levels. In total there are over 169 interactive games that are EDUCATIONAL in value and can be matched to standards in all content areas for the primary or early learners. Check the site out and let me know if you kids really like one in particular. And for the SMART Board SAVY teacher, the Promethean lessons can be downloaded and saved, then opened and converted to SMART NOTEBOOK files.....ENJOY!

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