Back to School

A few sites to visit while making plans for your new year:

Great Site for Teaching Activities for the Year:

First Day Activities:
Back to School Planning Guide:
Back to School Technology Activities:
First Day Ice Breakers:
Back To School Printables @ Kaboose:
Back to School Printables at ABCTeach: 
Number Posters for Your Wall: 
Alphabet Posters for Your Wall:
Back to School Student Name Word Search:
Back to School Student Name Puzzle:
First Days of Middle School:

These are just a few that I have bookmarked on my computer. There are hundreds of more sites out there. I hope that you look over these and find something of use. If not, just head over to Google and search for something more specific on Back to School Activities. Remember that someone probably has already made whatever you are looking for and it could save you time.

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